Ready for real challenges and a more rewarding career?                        

Airsoft, live ammo, and martial arts training conducted by our elite Special Operator trainers (from US Navy SEALs, US Army Special Forces [Green Beret], and US Marine Force Recon).

IMPORTANT:  Not everyone is qualified to take this training, and not everyone is accepted.  You MUST have a current security or background clearance from a military, UN, police or state security guard licensing agency (see notes below).  One must also abide by the policies, rules and regulations of Alliance Group Affiliates while training with us.

Disclaimer:  Though students are free to seek and undergo other training on their own while also training with us, ANY training not approved or authorized by the school in writing is NOT recognized or considered part of our training.

Part of this training was originally designed for our Executive/Dignitary Protection Agent students, and takes place at the following places:

(1) Our classroom and tactical field site inside the Strikeforce Sports complex for classroom and airsoft) in Deer Park, NY.

(2) Approved rifle/pistol range locations in around the US and other locations.

(3) Approved beach and remote areas in around the US and other locations.

(4) Approved martial arts schools.

(5) Approved private corporate and residential properties.

Special ops training

March 10, 2013 -- Pictured above and below are Executive Protection Agent trainees with our staff trainers that come from US Special Forces units (Navy SEALs, Army Special Forces [Green Berets], and US Marine Force Recon).

Navy SEAL training New York

Special operators from US Special Forces showing how it's done!


Special Security Force Team Training at our Deer Park facility in May 2013.


(1) This training is not for everyone.  It is specifically designed to prepare those who wish and are authorized to work in special higher levels of security for state and/or federally authorized private employers (some having government contracts). It is also for those in military units or police agencies that wish to gain initial or enhance existing special tactical skills.

(2) To take this training one must have at least one of the following:

(A) A valid US military ID.

(B) A valid police agency ID.

(C) A valid United Nations Security ID.

(D) A valid state issued security guard license (minimum age is 18 in NY for this license).

All others DO NOT qualify regardless of experience. We do not conduct this training for anyone who does not have a current background clearance. 

(3) One must also be above average strength and intelligence to do this training, and a doctor's note is required for participation.

(4) To remain on the Special Security Forces Tactical Training Team and Registry one must be in an ongoing training state, same as with the Executive Protection/Bodyguard Training Registry.